Knowledge Innovation Centre

Who are we?

The Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) is a niche research and consultancy organisation with a mission to transform the ways we learn and work to give the opportunity to every person to reach their full potential. We take a systemic approach to change, focusing on improving education & skills policies and practices globally, via cooperation with governments, international organisations, universities and civil society. We help our clients and partners meet the challenges and discover the opportunities of digitisation, and mainstream innovation with the help of quality management. Our international team of experts, analysts and designers integrate diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability into everything we do.

Why we are Participating in the Project

KIC has a strong interest, and significant experience, in both inclusion and digitisation in Higher Education. This project gives us unique opportunity to combine our two fields of interest.

We believe this project can build upon our findings  from projects such as:

– EQUNet: which used statistical analysis to quantify educational opportunities among first and second generation migrants, as well as among other disadvantaged groups;
– IDEAS and Multinclude: which both take an approach of identifying actors making real impact on access and inclusion at grassroots level, and giving them exposure to help multiply their approaches in different contexts;
– Moonlite: which examines the application of MOOCs in aiding inclusion of refugees in employment markets;
– IBelong: which used novel approach to creating interventions at HEIs that would assist disadvantaged, non-traditional students feel at home at University, developing their sense of belonging and this increasing retention rates and academic success of non-traditional

Our Role in the Project

KIC will collaborate with the partners in the development of all intellectual outputs and will in particular take the lead in developing the structure of the IO2: Micro Learning Modules. Across the project KIC will also be responsible for the internal and external communication, including the networking strategy and dissemination planning.

Our Team

Ivana Stanojev

Ivana Stanojev

Project and Communications Associate

Ivana joined KIC in 2017, and has been mostly involved with Inclusion project (#Multinclude, #IBelong, Nexus). From 2007 to 2012 she worked as a project officer and a researcher for various Serbian NGO’s and Government agencies, as well as for international/intergovernmental organizations, on projects dealing with democratization and inclusive governance, youth and non-formal education. In 2012 she began her career as an election observer with OSCE/ODIHR, where she still works in the capacity of Long Term Observer and Parliamentary Liaison Officer, on various elections in Europe and Central Asia. Her academic background is in sociology and conflict studies. Topics of interest: equity&inclusion; civic-tech and education for democratic citizenship. Belgrade born, Ljubljana based.

Anthony Camilleri

Anthony Camilleri

Senior Partner

Anthony’s expertise are Quality Assurance processes and knowledge transfer of research. Within Quality Assurance he has given training on techniques for peer-review to quality assurance agencies around Europe, and contributed to the UNIQUe and ECBCheck guidelines on quality assurance of e-learning. With respect to knowledge transfer, he has worked with several associations to better describe their research outcomes through their communication channels, included through improved and more targeted web presence, better social media handling and production of final publications, including most recently OERTest and EQUNET. He has also developed a methodology for improving impact measurement of dissemination and exploitation activities within EU projects. Anthony was previously engaged as Quality Services Manager for EFQUEL, where he was responsible for coordination of projects linked to OER including OERTest and VMPass.