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ART Workshops will be offered on:  February 17th, February 20th & February  24th. 

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Workshop  Overview

Participants of the pilot online workshop will engage in iterations of reflexive exercises and knowledge acquisition. During the session, participants will reflect on their role in reproducing or challenging inequalities in digital  education. A combination of exercises, theoretical concepts, and exchanges among participants chiefly  contribute to a knowledge base to assist educators in understanding their role as a mediator and facilitator of a diverse, dispersed classroom with each member coming from different backgrounds, facing different  challenges, and having different needs.

The Awareness Raising Tool workshop addresses the following ‘challenges’ for educators:

How to challenge your own perspectives and practice selfreflection:

  • Exploring your position and biases, and the ways in which these affect digital learning

How to recognize and cater to diversity in digital classrooms:

  • Get to know your students’ backgrounds, perspectives and learning journeys
  • Recognise the specificities of digital learning that hamper or strengthen einclusion, in order to make your digital course accessible and engaging for every student

Explicate the relationship between classrooms environments and the broader institutional, societal, and globalized contexts they are embedded in.

Workshop schedule:

Explain 30 minutes – Introduction
– IO4: Awareness Raising Tool
– Wonder.Me
Experience 90 minutes – Icebreaker
– Positionality
– Intersectionality
– e-Inclusion
– Discussion
Reflection 60 minutes Joint reflection