Digital Inclusion Course

The aim of this output is to complement the set of reusable learning modules that have been created under O2 with a structured introductory course on digital education inclusion,
which will allow those participants who wish to follow a more traditional directed learning pathway to do so. It is intended for those who prefer to (a) experience a course designed with inclusion in mind via a learning management system, and (b) gain all the skills outlined above via a linear pathway, The course will be moderated and assessed.

The course will be in particular focused on educators who are new with digital education pedagogies and therefore could benefit from a full ‘course package’ rather than individual modules, and furthermore it will be designed to act as a showcase example of how to implement an inclusive digital education course in practice, with the course itself implementing all the success factor outlined in O1.

Challenge & nest 1: Educating (to) different perspectives ▼
Challenge & nest 2: Moving from diversity to inclusion in the digital arena ▼
Challenge & nest 3: How can I engage my online students? ▼