Micro-Learning Modules on Inclusion in Digital Education Contexts

This output complements the creation of a toolkit for teachers by designing a set of educational activities that can help educators improve their competencies for digital education. 6 micro-learning modules are designed around a set of 15 skills for digital inclusion. Each micro-module is designed to acquire a skill by following same  learning journey: Info / In-depth resources/ Do / Tips / Further resrouces. This gives educators the opportunity to practice and develop the required skill. Modules take self-directed free-flowing approach, to allow participants to personalize their own learning pathways based on their specific needs.

By creating a set of reusable learning resources   and  didactic  materials, we hope to encourage educators to consume them directly, in a non-linear fashion, or to integrate them into existing courses, and/or use them to create a bespoke course on digital education inclusion.

6 Areas, 15 micro-learning units: