Journey through 7 engagements 

This component with engagements – that contain insights, concepts, tools, and reflexive exercises – has been developed as the first component of an Awareness Raising Tool consisting of two parts. The first part is a self-paced online journey which focuses on imparting awareness to educators, an awareness of positionality and intersectionality and how this impacts their role as a teacher in a digital learning environment. The online journey invites users to engage in several engagements and contributes to the awareness necessary for e-inclusion; for creating inclusive digital education. This part of the tool can be followed asynchronously by individual participants.  

Each of the seven engagements consist of a section on insights and concepts, which can be applied to a specific scenario that can occur in the digital classroom. Each engagement also refers to an e-Inclusion e-learning micro-module that is designed to develop a specific skill for inclusive digital education. 


This section provides background information about the complexities of classroom interactions in the digital space. The insight helps foreground the different elements that are key to inclusive digital education.  


This section provides a concept through which the elements presented in the insight section can be understood. These concepts have a theoretical function that helps to put your own viewpoint and context into perspective. In that sense they are also practical in facilitating the process of articulating your perspective. 


The scenario sketches out a specific scenario that a teacher can encounter in the digital classroom and is often times paired with discomfort, multiple emotions, and dilemmas for how to approach the situation. It is meant to engage teachers with scenarios in a way that allows them to critically reflect on their own position and ability to act in an e-learning micro-module that helps educators improve their competences for digital education by developing a particular skill that corresponds with the engagement. 


Each scenario is linked to a challenge – a reflection exercise with the specific aim of putting the insight and concept into practice.  


The prompts are there to help guide you in the reflection process through critical questions.  


This section provides an example of what an answer to the prompts could look like. It is not meant to be a template since each person would provide a unique answer from their unique perspective and context. Rather, it serves to concretely illustrate how personal to the individual each answer is.   


This section refers to a specific micro-learning module that helps educators improve their competences for digital education by developing a particular skill that corresponds with the engagement. It also refers to guidelines from our Handbook of e-Inclusion.